Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Altered Book #2 - A Little Birdie Told Her

Here is an 75 year old hymnal, heavy, lovely and worn. It has an aged church smell. It's a familiar smell, but I can't place which church. I thought about how many hands held this hymnal over many years, singing voices now silent. I glued the pages together and closed it forever. Before that I carved a niche for a small painting.

I painted a small painting on wood of a woman with a bird on her shoulder. The wood is just a sliver of a 2 x4 with acrylic paint. I used the grain of the wood to accentuate the details. I pushed the painting into the niche with some glue.

I purchase several of these old retired hymnals with the intention of giving them a second life as art. I will post some others later...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Altered Book #1 - Visionaries - 3D Alterations

After Alteration

After alteration scanned image - kinda eery

Before Alteration

This is an old book titled "Visionaries" printed in 1908. I was drawn to the look and feel of this book. It had a lovely deep red cover with gold lettering. I love to work with old books that have character. I added a 'third eye' made of polymer clay and acrylic paint. I also added an antique braided metal bracelet to the cover. The eye is glued to the hard cover. The inside cover was also altered.
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